TOPIC: Who Can Practice Tantric Sufism (?)

Even though aspects of sexuality and romantic Relationship appear attractive to almost
everyone, Tantric Sufism is only suitable as a comprehensive Spiritual Practice for
certain types of people.

It's certainly possible to practice with sexual energy in individual Sufi Spiritual Practice
-- either with or without a partner.  And it's also possible to practice individually with
Romantic relationship -- even if one's partner is not also practicing.   Some principles
of Tantric Sufism usefully apply in each case.

But practicing together in sexual and romantic Relationship is only suitable for certain
types of Personalities.

Through the Personality typology known as the "Enneagram", each Human Being's
Personality is understood to be disproportionately patterned by one of three instinctual
"survival" strategies in Life:

* Some people depend primarily on themselves alone -- a "Self Preservation" type;

* Some people depend primarily on belonging to a group -- a "Social" type;

* Some people depend primarily on just one other person -- a "Sexual" type.

It is only this third and last type that values sexual and romantic Relationship enough to
be capable of engaging in it as a comprehensive Spiritual Practice.  In particular, it is
only this Sexual type that experiences the intensity of interpersonal Relationship to be
"egosyntonic" -- in harmony with the many conventional needs and goals of the Ego --
and therefore not only not overwhelming and disruptive, but positively supportive and

Correspondingly, the personal resources -- time, attention, and devotion -- that are
necessary in any serious Spiritual Practice are extended in Tantric Sufism to personal
Relationship.   It's not possible to say categorically what the form or extent of that
need be -- each couple's circumstances are different and variable (at different stages
of life, for example).  But in principle, it is obvious that resources devoted to other
activities (pursuing a profession, raising a family, etc.) would, beyond a certain point,
be at odds with the needs of Relationship Practice.

Finally, since Tantric Sufism is in significant part a Sexual Practice, it requires an
intense interest in, enjoyment of, and confidence in sexual energy and its various forms
-- Mental, Emotional, and Physical.  There must be a strong underlying intuition that
the various conventional attractions of Sexuality can also have a transcendent and
transformative dimension . . .