TOPIC: Tantric Sufi Practice

Tantric Sufi Practice is understood both as an application and an extension of individual
Sufi Spiritual Practice, intended specifically for couples in sexual & romantic Relationship.

Tantric Practice is an application of Sufi Spiritual Practice in the sense that individual
Practice continues for each person in the relationship in their own right.   Most of that
Practice remains unchanged . . . while the remainder is modified to be practiced together
with the partner.   For example, each partner continues to explore understanding of his
or her own Personality Type, just as they would in individual Practice.  But the practice
also includes an exploration of the partner's Personality Type as well.

Tantric Practice is also an extension of individual Spiritual Practice -- at two levels.

In the "Arc of Descent" through which Human Beings come to reflect the Diversity of
Reality, there are forms of that Diversity/Differentiation that unfold disproportionately
in the context of Relationship -- socially conditioned Male and Female psychological roles,
for example.   They require an additional kind of understanding and Practice beyond those
for individuals alone.

In the "Arc of Ascent" through which Human Beings can come to also reflect the Unity/
Unification of Reality, there are practices for transforming Diversity that arise only in the
context of Relationship -- in Sexuality, for example . . .