The Nature and Meaning of Sexual & Romantic Relationship

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Sufism understands the nature and meaning of sexual and romantic Relationship as
having two primary aspects, corresponding to the two aspects of the nature and meaning
of being Human.

Firstly, sexual and romantic Relationships can contribute to the actualization of individual
Human biological and social possibilities -- through sexual reproduction and social pair
bonding, for example.  This nature and meaning of Relationship unfolds as "Male" and
"Female" in their various biological, psychological, and social forms.

Secondly, sexual and romantic Relationships can be a means by which Men and Women
realize their additional potential as Microcosms of all of Reality.

Men and Women each experience disproportionately either the Unity/Unification of
Reality or the Diversity/Differentiation of Reality -- as "Masculinity" or "Femininity",

Through sexual and romantic Relationship, each can also experience the complementary
aspect in its forms and, through doing so, come to realize them both together . . .


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