TOPIC: Presence and the Lataif

The "subtle body" of Essential Presence is known in Arabic as the "Jism Latif ",
which phrase also reveals the relationship of Presence to its various differentiated
qualities known as the "Lataif".

Presence is a Unity of all the individual Lataif, which in turn are a differentiated
Diversity of that Presence.

As the "Arc of Descent" unfolds in an individual Human Being's Life, the individual
"Lataif" are "embodied" and "embedded" in the Personality and pattern its activities.

The Red Latifa, for example, can variously pattern intellectual analysis in the Mental
domain . . . or anger in the Emotional domain . . . or the action of the sympathetic
branch of the autonomic nervous system in the Bodily domain.

Other Lataif pattern other states and processes . . .