TOPIC: Practice With Presence & the Lataif

After Sufi Spiritual Practice has begun with exploring the Human "Arc of Descent", the
process during which Presence and the Lataif were previously "embodied" and "embedded"
in the conventional Personality, Practice continues with an "Arc of Ascent", in which the
Presence and Lataif that underlie the Personality can be freed from their conditioning and
experienced in their own right.

Presence and the Lataif reflect the most immediate form in which Reality's Unity and
Diversity, respectively, can be experienced directly by Human Beings.  And when they are
experienced in this unconditioned way, a Human Being begins to function as a Microcosm
of all of Reality.   It is why making experience of Presence and the Lataif explicit, direct, and
unconditioned is at the very center of Sufi Spiritual Practice.

There are two processes by which it can be approached.

The most common process involves refining the implicit Presence in our experience out of
the specifics of that experience . . . as a unified whole.   In this case, the individual Lataif are
subsequently realized by individual transformations of the Presence.

The less common involves first refining out the specific Lataif from experience individually,
in which case Presence is then realized by a subsequent unification of the individual Lataif.

In actual practice, it's common to have both processes taking place simultaneously, even if
one is emphasized more than the other.  It's also common for the first process to be more
active in Men and the second more active in Women (because of their differing embodiment
of Presence and the Lataif during the Arc of Descent ) . . .