TOPIC: Practice Through Sexuality

Tantric Sufi Practice is characterized by a unique understanding of the nature of Sexual
Energy and its relationship to Human Emotion, Masculinity & Femininity, and Sexual &
Romantic Relationship


Although Sufism has not historically had its own well-elaborated practice with Life Energy
(the energy known variously as "Chi", "Prana", and "Orgone"), Tantric Sufism confirms
the fundamental insights of other traditions (such as Taoism) about that Energy and adapts
them to its own perspective.

In particular, Tantric Sufism confirms that Sexual Energy is a disproportionately important
subset of Life Energy in general:

-- Quantitatively, in that a substantial amount of Life Energy is devoted to the creation of
Sexual Energy systems in the Human Body:  sperm, testosterone, and proportions of
related hormones in Men . . . ova, estrogen, and proportions of related hormones in Women.

-- Qualitatively, in that Sexual Energy is the primary Energy on which the very procreation
of Human Beings depends.


To this basic understanding of Sexual Energy, Tantric Sufism adds its own additional insight
that Sexual Energy is patterned by a very special underlying Latifa.

Most of Human Mental, Bodily, and (especially) Emotional experience is patterned by specific
individual Lataif.   But Sexual Energy is patterned by a comprehensive Latifa which, uniquely
among the Lataif, contains within itself all of the other Lataif.   This comprehensive Latifa,
from which all other individual Lataif arise, is known as the Brilliancy Latifa.

The experience of Sexual Energy is patterned by this Brilliancy, which represents a Unity of
all individual Lataif.  The experience of individual Human Emotions, in contrast, is patterned
by the individual Lataif, which are a Diversity.

The relationship between the two is the key to the nature of Tantric Sufi Practice.   Attuning
Human experience to the Unity and Diversity of Reality. . . is the heart of Sufi Spiritual Practice
in general.   Doing so through the Brilliancy underlying Sexual Energy (Unity) . . . and the
Lataif underlying Emotional Relationship (Diversity) . . . is Tantric Sufi Practice specifically.

Together, these reveal the two inter-related experiences characteristic of Sexual and Romantic

-- Sexual relationship, patterned by the Brilliancy Latifa, reflecting Unity and characteristic
of Masculinity

-- Emotional relationship, patterned by all other Lataif, reflecting Diversity and characteristic
of Femininity


Tantric Sufi Practice, as a specific form of Sufi Spiritual Practice for couples, cultivates Unity
and Diversity
. . . Masculinity and Femininity . . . Sexual Energy and Emotions . . . in parallel.

For example, there is an emphasis on certain types of Sexual practice.   One of them is "plateau
sex" (sometimes known as sexual "edging", "peaking", or "surfing").   This practice involves
maintaining a high level of sexual arousal for an extended period of time before reaching orgasm.
It emphasizes and extends the "plateau" phase of the conventional "sexual response cycle" and can,
when combined with a certain kind of attention to bodily sensation, especially facilitate cultivation
of Brilliancy and Presence:

Another example is Tantric Sufism's re-interpretation of experiences already common in most
Sexual and Romantic Relationship.

One is the conventional tendency for Men to begin with Sexual arousal and from it develop
emotional connection with their partner . . . whereas Women begin with emotional connection
and from it develop sexual arousal.

Tantric Sufism interprets this as reflecting Men's tendency to first embody Unity (of which the
Brilliancy of Sexual energy is a manifestation) . . . and Women's tendency to first embody
Diversity (of which the Lataif/Emotions are a manifestation).