TOPIC: Sufi Lataif Practice

The Lataif can be experienced in either of two ways.

A Latifa can be experienced indirectly and conditionedly through a Mental, Emotional,
or Bodily state which it is patterning.   Almost all our Human experience of the Lataif
is of this conventional kind.

A Latifa can also be experienced directly and unconditionedly in its own right.  This
is much rarer in Life, typically arising only in moments of intense or peak experience.

The difference between these experiences, and the relationship between them, can be
suggested by the analogy which compares the Lataif to the experience of tastes in food.

To experience the taste of ice cream or fruit drinks, for example, would be to experience
"sweetness" indirectly.   To experience the taste of a pinch of sugar, on the other hand,
would be to experience "sweetness" directly and in its own right.

Sufi Lataif Practice, a kind of spiritual "metabolism", is a process of self-realization
and self-development that works with these two types of experience.

In the first case, it is learning to recognize and differentiate the indirect appearance of
the Lataif in our conventional, everyday experience.

In the second case, it is "refining" the unconditioned experience of the Lataif out of the
conditioned experience.

In terms of the previous analogy, Lataif Practice would be like learning to recognize the
taste of sweetness in a fruit drink . . . and then refining the sugar from it by, for example,
boiling the liquid away.

This alchemical process takes place with many different types of everyday experiences
-- Mental, Emotional, and Bodily . . .

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TOPIC: Experiences of the Lataif